Pharmatec Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Pharmatec") possesses and is currently getting personal information of our customers, dealers, and our company's directors /employees for smooth following up in business activities.
Pharmatec is aware of importance for protecting the information as our social responsibility, and then has established an administrative system in the company. Pharmatec will strictly practice the administrative system, details of which are stated below, in order to achieve the aim mentioned above.
The administrative system will be reviewed and revised properly, depending on requests raised in environmental society.
Pharmatec would like all of the people concerned to periodically read the updated policy by checking our home page, brochure and/or other documents.


-Policy for Protection of Personal Information

1. Obedience to the Law
Pharmatec will obey to "the Law for Protection of Personal Information" and the related law established by Japan's Authorities. Furthermore, Pharmatec will improve the administrative system properly, for protection of the personal information.
2. Administrative System
Pharmatec has established the administrative system in the company which is composed of a chairman and plural members of administrator as responsible person and also properly practice an education program to employees, etc.,
3. Getting Personal Information Pharmatec will get personal information fairly and properly by providing information on purpose of use prior to getting the information.
4. Measures for Administration
Pharmatec will take reasonable security measures not to lose, spill and falsify the information and also to protect the information from an unfair access to the computer network.
5. Disclosure, Revision, Deletion and Termination
Pharmatec will take necessary action promptly if it is requested to disclose, review, delete and/or terminate the personal information by an identified person.
6. Disclosure to Third Party
Pharmatec will not disclose or present the information to any third party, excepting the following. cases.
 *Both Pharmatec and an identified person are agreed with the disclosure.
 *The Law or Japan's Authorities requests the disclosure.
 *A company or an agent who entered into business cooperation with Pharmatec, and are obliged to protect the information as same condition as Pharmatec's, subject to that the information is used only for improvement of Pharmatec products or services.



Pharmatec would like all the people concerned to contact the following reference if necessary to ask anything about the policy, etc.,.


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